Here are the updates as of Friday, March 20th,  5:02 PM.


Good afternoon,


Per the Governor’s call for the ‘shelter-in-policy’, we here at D1 want to do what is absolutely necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19 while still obeying our governmental leaders.  As a result of this, the following adjustments will be made at D1Naz antivirus programme kostenlos downloaden.
1.  Drive-In Church is canceled.  This is not just a response to our Governor, but also a local law enforcement authority’s text to me earlier today that highly recommended we not go forth with the event herunterladen.
2.  All pastoral staff and office staff will not come into the office starting tomorrow.
3.  We will be holding online church March 22nd, 29th, and April 5th.  Services will NOT be held at D1 and then broadcasted.  Services will be held as a piece-meal with worship being done from the Wilkerson home, the sermon being done from Pastor’s home, and other staff members going live to help minister to those in their direct oversight vereinfachte steuererklärung herunterladen.
4.  Church elections will most likely be postponed until May.
5.  Concerning the Daycare – after a meeting with Sherri Weaks and others from our team, Creative Kids will provide care to those families whose parents are workers in the ‘essential fields’ of work.  Sherri Weaks will be creating a document for parents to fill out by Sunday, Noon.  The daycare will then staff accordingly.  In order to hold spots from kids who are not attending at this time, we will be charging them a rate of $10 per child for next week music free download ipad.
Again, these decisions were made to best help our communities stop the spread of COVID-19 and are in direct honoring, respect, and obedience to our government officials amazon drive herunterladen.
We will stay in touch with D1 and our community via Facebook live, email, text and good, ole fashion phone calls.
Be blessed and stay home… herunterladen.
Pastor Adam