The d1Worship team has the chance to lead our congregation in services each week through music, production, Scripture, and prayer zollverfügung herunterladen. From the back of the tech booth to the front of the stage, each member of the d1Worship team offers their all for Christ to bring glory to His name!

Band and Vocal Team

Our praise band and vocal team practices on Thursday evenings in preparation for the Sunday services filme von kinoger downloaden. We lead a wide variety of songs, from old favorites of our congregation to recent hits from the global church. If you are interested in joining the team, contact Jim Wilkerson for more information microsoft office education herunterladen.

Tech Team

Our tech team handles all the behind the scenes work of sound, lights, and video production photo's icloud naar pc. These hard working individuals make sure our services happen smoothly week in and week out! We do on the job training, so no background in tech is required to serve on the team. If you are interested in joining them, contact Bart Harris for more information.