March 23, 20202 – 9:39 AM

Good Morning Church –

Thank you for tuning in to online church this past Sunday!  It was great to be able to see all who were watching and interact with the comments.  The staff will continue to be LIVE each day this week at set times herunterladen.

We will be working this week on the website link to our LIVE cast for Sunday morning.

For the week ahead: we still maintain our ‘shelter-in-policy’ under the direction of our Governor.  Because of that, all events planned this week, March 23rd-28th, including MDWK and Celebrate Recovery, will be cancelled herunterladen. For D1Youth, SNL will be canceled March 29th.

We will still provide online church on March 29th and April 5th.  
We will provide updates as soon as possible throughout the week via Facebook, App notifications, and email updates wie video aus youtube herunterladen.

Hope to see you all soon face-to-face!


Pastor Adam