Dear Church,

Happy Friday!  It has been a great day filled with lots and lots of news that hopefully can serve our community, state, and world for the better free games without advertising.
As many of you have seen, the President has spoken today and listed churches as essential and is encouraging governors to let them open.  This is great news to know that churches are on the radar from our national leadership vavoo gratis downloaden!
With this in mind, it is also a necessary reminder that the President stated that governors were to run their own states and open as the number of cases decreased and to monitor the science and data to determine when we can move to the next phase photo album from icloud.
There are some conflicting responses from state authorities about whether it is safe to re-open D1Naz in our county.  As you know, we still have active cases found each day for free police simulator.
So, what now?  My first thought it get right back to it and schedule worship for this weekend.  As I have stated many times before, I want to get back to church more than anyone.  I can’t state enough how much I miss you and miss talking to you face to face.  These days of distancing have been difficult for all.  But we need to approach our re-opening with caution and wisdom before we open our  door’s open once again herunterladen.
So, Adam, what is the answer?  Can we re-open this weekend or not?  The short answer to this question is….we will not open this weekend.   We will keep drive-in church on the schedule for May 24th.  However, the plans for May 31st will be decided this next week by D1Naz leadership.  And, if it is possible and safe for us to re-open, then we will do so firefox bilder herunterladen.
More than anything, I want us to be safe, responsible, and wise.  The last thing that I want is for someone to become sick with the virus because they attended our church.  That would be devastating https
When we do reopen, we recommend/will do the following….

… that you advise those 65 and older, and those with underlying health conditions to not return to the buildings just yet herunterladen. Continue to do you live-streaming or videos so that those who can’t gather, can still participate at a distance.

… that any one who has any symptoms of any illness, or who know they have been exposed, stay home until they recover or test negative r and r studio.

… that sanitizer stations be available at entrances and exits and near the restrooms.

…that services be limited to no more than 50-60 minutes download pictures for free for mobile phones.

…a deep cleaning be done before the worship service weekend.

…that greeters be mindful of those walking in, to not shake hands, remain 6 feet away, and hold doors for those who need

…inter-generational worship will take place with families seated together with appropriate social distancing between families.

…communion would be administered in a way that is mindful, keeping each person from touching the communion trays.

…giving will take place on your way out of the worship center and online.

Let’s all stay the course and know that the time is near for us to come back together!  Thank you for being understanding and supportive!

We will see you Sunday at 10am for Drive-in church!


Pastor Adam

Pastor Adam